Paul has enabled me to get really enthused about the use of LinkedIn. Paul is personable, an expert who is 'jargon' free and makes what could be considered complicated - easy and 'doable'.

Jennie Sutton
Enabling Success

I consider myself very fortunate to have met Paul at an event a couple of years ago! Having got to know him, I am pleased to call him a friend as well as a business contact. Paul is one of the most genuine, friendly and knowledgeable marketing coaches in the industry and I have no hesitation in recommending him. He can help take your online business forward whether you are a day one newbie who wants to learn how to add a first subscriber to your list or an established marketer looking to increase their income through Facebook, webinars and successful product launches.

David Walker

Paul Teague & David Walker

Paul Teague & David Walker at Lee McIntyre's seminar in February 2010

You know, before I met Paul I was really struggling online. Yet after just a few hours with him I was able to move forward and make a massive u-turn in my business thanks to his excellent advice. Paul is just generally a great guy who is extremely approachable and a pleasure to know. He has helped me out on more than one occasion, especially when it comes to working with scripts and other techie tasks, as I’m not really skilled in this area, but he has always been there when needed.

Kerry Russell
The Strategic Blogger

An amazing stand-in for Daniel Wagner who, at the last minute, could not appear. Late stand-in he might have been but his presentation on using Clickbank was second to none! Incredible information and help to guide us round the trials and tribulations of selling on Clickbank. In fact, his presentation was so special that he was voted speaker of the day by the delegates!

Phill Turner

Paul Teague with Phill Turner at the UK Info Millionaire Summit

Paul Teague with Phill Turner at the UK Info Millionaire Summit

I’d been wallowing around on the Internet trying to make some money for quite a while but not knowing what to do or in which direction to go. Actually, I didn’t know what I was doing most of the time! Since starting this course I’ve changed completely! I’m now FOCUSED – something I’d wanted to be for a long time but I was easily distracted! I’ve now got a purpose and I have actually achieved something. Yes, I’ve created a new blog and I’m turning it into a membership site, something I’d always wanted to do. So now I’m really looking forward to the future … So, if I were you, I’d get involved with it right away!

Harry Wright

Really enjoyed today’s course. Has opened my eyes to the power of Facebook and how it could take our business forward. Paul’s training style was really easy going and extremely clear to understand. The content was extremely useful and I hope to implement it soon. The venue was great and extremely organised.

Mike Elwick
MadDog Multimedia

Great interactive style clearly Paul knows the subject inside out. Venue very comfortable and convenient. I didn’t expect such professional training on my doorstep. Totally practical sessions, I feel that I could now set up an engaging Facebook presence in less than a day! Thanks Paul T

Andy Walkingshaw
Walkingshaw Workington

Some Reviews from Course Attendees



You have a fan here for life and I will be setting up my first fan page very soon right after I have gone through the training videos, Pro Coaching and Elite Coaching..I just started the Elite Coaching so I will be done soon, then I will go through step by step watching the videos again and set up my first fan page and then my next … Thank you so much for another wonderful product Paul and I would recommend Fast Fan Pages to anyone You have been a very positive influence in my Internet Marketing career and I thank you for that.

Robert Knight

In a matter of a few short weeks, I have accomplished things I have been afraid to do for years. I have built my website which is the foundation of my business life. I have begun to build a list; created several fan pages; created my own products and much more. I have learned more … than from others I have paid hundreds of dollars to. I look forward to each training session and have never been disappointed.

Ruth Lee


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A small sample of testimonials given after my coaching webinars …

“…it has been a great morning for me/night for you. I have already commented on Chris Farrell Membership forum about how great your Webinars are.

“…fantastic, I have learnt a lot tonight and I definately will work with you in the future.”

“Thank you so much,I have learnt more here than I have PAID for in courses! In turn I will pass this information onto other struggling marketers …”

“Thanks Paul wonderful webinar!!!”

“Very enjoyable and informative. I will pass the link on to my IM group.”

“Thanks a bunch for the call. Learned much. Looking forward to implementing some of this.. Take care, Deb”

“Thanks for tonight Paul. It's been really great! I've learnt loads.”